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various / pop ambient 2005 / kompakt

Kompakt releases year five of their Pop Ambient series. Get ready for blissful, warm adventures by Ulf Lohmann, Markus Guentner, Peter Grummich, Triola, Andrew Thomas, Klimek, DJ Koze, Thomas Fehlmann, The Orb, a classic slice of heaven from Gas (culled from his 2000 masterpiece, Pop), and a simultaneously sweet and haunting offering from the mysterious Popnoname. Bubbling synth arpeggios, luxurious drones, textures, washes, smears, wisps, reverberations, and hums…almost all the tracks are absolutely perfect, infectious, satin pop gems. Recommended.
listen: gas - pop
listen: peter grummich - sunbeams

michael mayer works alone
by martin turenne

coming to Toronto 27/02/05

m83's one man drama
by cam lindsay

coming to Toronto 19/04/05


m83 / before the dawn heals us / mute

In spite of the departure of co-founder Nicolas Fromageau, Anthony Gonzalez forges ahead with a new M83 album. Female voices and live instruments are more prominent, but the visceral layers of sound and breathtaking passages are unmistakably M83.
listen: teen angst
listen: moon child

Philip Sherburne's mixes


shuttle358 / chessa / 12k

Sweet warm hugs. Subtle beauty that floats by like a creek in autumn. Minimal (with nods to SND, Dettinger, Oval, Pete Namlook and other 'ambient classics') Chessa seems to be about indulging in the mood of the moment.
listen: marchie
listen: duh

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